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Computer Happenings!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interesting Happenings in the OpenSource Frontier!

Good morning everyone and welcome to MyPCMyWay...a Registered Business dedicated to helping you get the best use of your computer! 

This morning, one of my e-mails from ZDNET.com caught my eye...apparently, OpenOffice.org's FREE office suite has NOW become a threat to "the other office suite"...yes, you know the one, the one that can cost up to $500 PER MACHINE...wow...talk about an investment in software!  While I have several older versions of it in my home, we switched to OpenOffice.org's version YEARS ago because we have multiple systems in our home and the cost factor was serious for us...our kids use their OpenOffice for all school work (despite the comments from one of my son's High School teachers that they teach the "NON-FREE" version BECAUSE that's what Colleges and Businesses use!  Gee, wonder why...could it be because the Colleges/Schools/Businesses get HUGE discounts on prices?  Wonder if it was "truly" affordable, if it would still be the most used?  

Well, only time will tell...anyway, check out the article and e-mail us with your comments.  We are hoping to have a section on the member's site that compares the two suites & showcases some of the differences to help our members see if OpenOffice.org is right for their uses!

Have a GREAT day...


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