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Computer Happenings!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Thursday!

 Well, I have had a very busy two weeks...my son's Team Fortress 2 account through Steam was HACKED!  This was an ordeal that I am still dealing with....Valve was able to restore his account (Thank You!)...and now, I am trying to re-lock down his system.  The hardest part of this is that we run all the security precautions...Firewall, Anti-virus, Anti-malware...and we don't click Fake or suspicious links...have browser precautions, etc...STILL, somehow, they got his stuff & hacked in...I am now looking for a Keylogger (have yet to find one)...this is the second time an online account on his system has been compomised...1st was WOW (fixed w/key generator) and now through Steam.  I have downloaded additional programs to try and help/prevent this in the future.(Snoopfree=causing BSODs, SuperAntiSpyware, Ad-Aware, Spybot, IObit360)...this is in addition to Malwarebytes, ZoneAlarm & AVG (just went back to AVG...had Avast when we got hacked...AVG will scan on it's own.)

 So, the lesson is that even with security in place, the worst can still happen...may be looking at a Re-format/Re-install to ensure if there was a keylogger, it's gone...

 On a lighter note, OpenSuse 11.3 is set to debut on July 15, 2010...can't wait...it just keeps getting better...will be changing both my kids systems to dual-boot to include a linux side...am really looking forward to the day we can be all Linux!  I love the control/freedoms I get from my Linux side, just needs to be more software friendly and be able to run Windows® based games more natively...this is why we are trying to push for changes in the software industry...slowly, slowly.

Bye for now!

Dan & Lita



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