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Computer Happenings!

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Note from Lita

Hello Again,

Last Thursday, we attended the General Meeting of CCAustin  (Computer Club of Austin).  While there, we premiered MyPCMyWay.com as well as MyPCMyWay.info.  We also gave the members a presentation comparing OpenOffice.org with the other "Popular" Office suite (the one that isn't Free).  I created a picture presentation using Impress and one using Powerpoint®.  The presentations looked equally good with the added backgrounds and graphics.  Two of the members asked support questions concerning e-mail contact transfers and Hotmail® and browser customization issues.  We left and vowed to have answers to these and more.  This is the basis for MyPCMyWay.com.  We will research the issues for you and post them to the member's site for you to access.  I have offered "free" computer support for over 10 years now and this is part of our credibility in creating a site where we can now get paid to do this for a living (yes, we are still feeding kiddos, lol!).  I will be updating the MyPCMyWay.info site as well, but the bulk of the in-depth solutions will be posted here, so why not click on the Subscribe button today and join with us in building the world's largest computer support network.

Until next time,

Hoping your computing experiences are fun and positive!





7:29 pm est

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