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Computer Happenings!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Google MyPCMyWay and see WHAT comes UP!!!!

Good Sunday morning computer users:


An interesting computer development in Texas...our Attorney General is investigating Google®.  Today, I was interested in the story, so I googled our business, MyPCMyWay™...a TROUBLESOME find...most search results were our Company; however, I did find another entry for a Software Giant's new "Technology" associated with their NEXT Operating System (there is your hint!).

What I found TROUBLESOME was the NAME/SPELLING of this "Technology"...check it out for yourself...

Mr. President, I support your support of Small Business Development...but; Small Business owners like my husband and myself don't stand a CHANCE when things like this happen...if you agree with me, please go to Twitter and Follow MyPCMyWay™

Thank you for visiting our site & come back often as we are really going to try and ramp up our business...I am still having to Teach daily to support my family financially; but, I will try to blog at least once a week and we are working on videos/interactive content for the site!  

Remember, this IS the FREE site for you to visit...please Don't copy our Company Name/Logo (Unlike the BIG Computer company mentioned above)...we are a Registered Company!


Have a Wonderful Weekend and Labor Day...Be Safe...

Lita Letourneau, B.S.


9:43 am est

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