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Computer Happenings!

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

7 Month Old Toshiba in for New Motherboard!

Hello again,

 This week, we picked up our Toshiba laptop from "Geek Squad" after it needed a new motherboard...it was covered under the warranty and the experience has left a less than pleasant taste in my mouth!  To read about the experience go to MyPCMyWay.info and check out the Weblog...I will post the Secret on the MyPCMyWay.com site for our members...would you like to join a computer community dedicated to helping you get the best from your computer?  For $.50/day ($15/mo) you can join with us to build a community-driven knowledgebase that offers experiences/solutions to our members...do you know there are "free" software alternatives and how to maximize the "free" computer software to minimize your cash outlay to support your computer(s)?  Join MyPCMyWay today!


Thanks for visiting,



7:26 pm est

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