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This portion of the MyPCMyWay™ family of sites is offered to you FREE of charge (no subscription fee for the information provided here--we do accept recommendations and donations to keep the site up! -- we are also looking for Angel Network Type financing to take MyPCMyWay™ to the next level!)  Be sure to check out our "Terms of Use" at the bottom of the page.  Look around and hopefully you will find tips or information to allow you to become more hands on with your computer(s).  If you are interested in joining an organization dedicated to users getting the most value for their purchase, we would love to add you to our subscriber family and join us in trying to change the future of computing!

Here are some topics we may include on either the free or "subscription" sites:
-- Computer Basics (build vs. buy)
-- Installing computer systems (Windows® or Linux)
-- Partitioning and data organization
-- Data backup and recovery suggestions (software recommendations)
-- Browser and E-mail clients to use
-- Office Suites: Microsoft® vs.OpenOffice.org
-- Additional Software for fun and function
-- Security needs and software for the best protection
-- Firewalls (do I need one?)
-- Themes (What is a theme anyway)
-- Cool websites to visit
-- Best sites to go to for downloading
-- Some sites to watch out for (viruses/spyware)
-- Install Videos
-- Install screenshots
-- File Downloads

The list above isn't complete and may not include all the topics/services offered and we reserve the right to modify this at any time!)
Some of the topics will be discussed on the free sites and others will be reserved for the subscription sites.

Terms of Use for MyPCMyWay.com

Information listed on MyPCMyWay.com is based on the owner's experiences and personal knowledge about systems used in their homes or at work.  We also get information and tips from other websites, books, manuals, computer users, and from the User Groups we belong to.  Because we are not offering hand's on tech support at this time, we will not be held liable for changes YOU make to your computer(s) based on information, links or recommendations found on this site or on any of the MyPCMyWay™ sites. 
We would encourage you to search other "free" sites online to get a "second opinion" about information provided on our Free site before committing to making changes that you are not comfortable with.  We want you to feel confident about changes and choices you make for YOUR computers!  Everything provided on our sites is offered with this in mind and is never intended to cause a negative impact on your system. 
Having said that, sometimes the worst happens and you may need to re-install your operating systemMyPCMyWay™ can not be held liable should this be the result of your experiences with any of our sites. One of the owners has been installing/re-installing systems for over 10 years and has had to re-install a specific OS from scratch often as much as twice a year.  This is one of the reasons this site came into existence...we are users just like YOU are.
By using any of the information on our sites or information obtained from following Third-party links, you agree to hold harmless any and all members of MyPCMyWay™ and any of it's affiliates.  If you don't agree to this, kindly exit our site(s).  The terms for the membership site MAY be altered slightly from this and will state so on that site.
The owners of MyPCMyWay™ and it's websites (MyPCMyWay.com/MyPCMyWay.biz/MyPCMyWay.net/MyPCMyWay.org/MyPCMyWay.info) reserve the right to modify any content placed on it's family of websites.  They reserve the rights to change the Terms of Services and will do so on this page.  They reserve the right to change the subscription fee and will give reasonable notice to paying members should their be an increase in the monthly fee.  Any increase will take place on the first day of the next month's billing cycle.
All of the software products mentioned throughout the MyPCMyWay™ family of websites are the property of their respective copyright and trademark holders and are mentioned as a courtesy to the users of MyPCMyWay.  We will do our best to properly mark the references when used on our sites.  If you find an error, please e-mail us and we will do our best to promptly correct it.  These trademark holders are not affiliated with MyPCMyWay; nor, do they endorse or sponsor our Business or Websites.  Should that change, we will offer full disclosure of this fact as appropriate!  Their mention on our websites does not indicate that we support their products as being the best choice for computer users unless we specifically state so.  We make NO guarantee about their software's merchantibility to  serve computer user's needs proficiently.  Should you download,  purchase and install said software and have adverse results, the owner's of MyPCMyWay™ will not be held liable for any/all damages suffered as a result.
The "spirit" of MyPCMyWay™, it's owners and family of websites, is to offer solutions to computer users in an effort to help them get the best use from their systems.  This is done irregardless of the Operating System chosen or other software installed on the computer. We have certain software that we believe can facilitate this; but, we respect the USER'S right to choose!

Personal Thoughts & Tips:

We believe IF you decide to purchase a computer system with Windows® as the operating system, you SHOULD receive a physical CD or DVD allowing an easier re-install WHEN the need arises!  This is NOT the case anymore...hardware manufacturers either have a "restore" partition (I have had 2 systems that this DID NOT WORK ON) or they give you their special OEM disk (that will ONLY work if there are not significant hardware changes...so, if your motherboard goes or you want a bigger main hard drive...say goodbye to your OS...it is licensed to the hard drive or the motherboard...once a major upgrade of hardware takes place, the OS won't work anymore & the manufacturer WILL tell you this when you call to complain!  Linux doesn't operate this way...new hardware, no sweat...simply re-install for FREE FREE FREE FREE (ok, so there IS time involved).
I had to learn how to fix my systems because I just could not afford $80/hour to have someone else do it for me...next, I need to learn how to build laptops!  I can try to teach you what 10 years has taught me so you can save on your computer costs unless you feel comfortable taking your system to someone else & paying to have it fixed.  We are NOT saying you will never have to take it in and spend money to have it repaired, we just know that sometimes YOU can fix it relatively easily and why should someone get $80 for 15-20 minutes of work...are YOU paid that much an hour in your job? 
Tip for New system Owners:  If your OS (operating system) is based on the Windows® Platform...remember to create a set of "Rescue" disks from your "Rescue Partition"...if my daughter-in-law had done this with her HP® desktop...she might have been able to restore her system...we were not able to restore her system after upgrading to a larger HD (Hard Drive).   also, make sure you have a backup method in place & perform regular backups...I have lost data because my auto backup was off & a week later...wham...lost partition (this was a brand new TB hard drive & it failed after one month)...lesson...do regular backups or be ok loosing data.
Also, be aware of ANYONE offering you a seriously discounted Windows® OS disk online or in person...chances are they are one of these Manufacturer OEM system specific disks that will not validate for you as they were not licensed to your hardware. You must be able to validate your install to be legal...also, make sure you receive a COA label with the code to validate...no COA, not legal!  (again, this is not an issue with Linux; but, not everyone is ready to try it yet...only YOU can evaluate which Operating System (OS) YOU feel most comfortable using and meets YOUR needs.