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Computer Happenings!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Latest Updates for MyPCMyWay

Hello again!  Ok, summer is in full swing & I am working feverishly at cleaning up 20 years of paperwork (scanning/trashing, etc) so I can devote some quality time to adding to the websites...I Love downloading free content from the Internet & will try to share my favorites in the Links section.  We are still looking for Major financing to allow us to bring this site to a serious computer help desk reality! (Hello Novell (SUSE SLED & OpenSuse, Ubuntu/Kubuntu backers, Oprah).

Even if you don't use Linux, we offer some support/customizing for the Windows® platform too!  We are still "dual" boot systems in our home and know that you can use both for different purposes.  We would like to support a system where software manufacturers support more than one or two platforms (ie. Windows® and MAC®)...write the programs to be usable on ALL platforms (ie. Linux too!) and let the CUSTOMER choose their OS!  There is enough room and need for BOTH OpenSource & Closed Source software to co-exist.  I have purchased many software programs in my 20+ years of being a PC user and would be willing to "purchase" for my Linux system as well!  

Hopefully, I can get some of my videos posted for installs this summer...OpenSuse 11.3 will be released this July and Ubuntu/Kubuntu's 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) is out already...while I prefer OpenSuse because of the Yast Control features, Lucid is the best Kubuntu I've seen to date & I will be looking very hard at it as I am the last holdout in my Linux Beginner Sig group to stay w/Novell!

I will be monitoring the website solo for a while as my husband, Dan, is trying to change careers after being laid off for over 15 months...Good luck Honey!


All for now,


Make your computer YOUR computer, let MyPCMyway help!

Dan & Lita Letourneau, B.S.

10:48 am est

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