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Computer Happenings!

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello again,

Well school is in session and MyPCMyWay is gearing up for some new distro releases.  The bulk of our site will deal with using open source and "free" software to replace proprietary whenever practical.  Kubuntu will be releasing Karmic Koala (ie Kubuntu 9.10) in late October; OpenSuse 11.2  and Fedora 12 both should release in November.  Right between these two excellent open source Operating Systems will be Microsoft Windows 7® scheduled to release also in late October.   WOW, what choices, three mainstream Linux distributions and one Non-Linux.  I Love OpenSuse and have been using it since 2000...my husband prefers Kubuntu...but we are contemplating installing Fedora and checking it against our other 2 favs...Fedora is supported by RedHat...the last time I used a RedHat Linux system was also in 2000.  If you would like more information on these Operating Systems or on open source software in general, why not drop us an e-mail or better yet, join MyPCMyWay for $15/mo with no contract.  We charge for our service so average people can learn, use and teach free and open source applications and earn compensation for their business acumen.  As our membership grows, we hope to have a positive effect on what software is included with we purchase a new computer.  After all, we are the ones making the investment, shouldn't WE have some say in what is installed on it?  The days of cookie-cutter pc systems should be over and we should be given greater customization of not only the hardware (Intel or AMD) but also the software (Linux or Microsoft®); open source or closed source...the consumer, not Manufacturers, should dictate what goes into this product that we have in our homes today...let's work together to improve the offerings in this field....why are businesses the only ones who can ask for and receive customized systems with the operating system of their choice?  Why aren't home consumers afforded the same courtesy?  We can organize to change this...join MyPCMyWay today!

9:20 pm est

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