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MyPCMyWay™ and it's members advocate using open source & "free" software in place of proprietary software whenever practical.  We believe the consumers should have the ability to ask for a Linux system and other free software choices over those placed on the computer by the Manufacturer at the time the system is built!  Help us improve everyone's computing choices, join MyPCMyWay™ today! 

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We are Affiliates of FatCow and we DO receive a commission if you set up your Hosting by clicking the link!  Thank you for your support!


****The MyPCMyWay™ computer graphic logo used throughout the MyPCMyWay™ website(s) was designed specifically for and is owned by MyPCMyWay™.  ANY use of this logo requires express permission from  MyPCMyWay™****

(MyPCMyWay.com is one of five sites registered by the owners of MyPCMyWay™.  The content provided here is basic computer support based on the owner's experiences and personal knowledge.  The support on MyPCMyWay.biz is subscription based and will include more detailed support features.  These services are limited tech support designed to help users maintain/troubleshoot/upgrade their own systems with recommendations from the site's owners and the community of other "members."  Other services, not initially covered by the limited support of the website (ie. local home visits), may be provided at a future time, at additional costs to members.  If you find that you need a greater level of support than MyPCMyWay.com provides or you would like to help build an online network of member provided support, we invite you to go to MyPCMyWay.biz and become a paying subscriber!)