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Computer Happenings!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The New and Hopefully Improved MyPCMyWay.com

As I sit here coughing my lungs up...I have spent the last two days re-designing the MyPCMyWay family of websites.  We tried to get the site off the ground last January and we hit some major roadblocks.  I was subbing and trying to build the site.  We spent major time working on our Business Plan to present before the Angel Network in Austin to seek startup capital that would allow Dan & I to work our business Full time.  In August, that didn't happen...apparently, they don't invest in Service Based Companies!  So, back to subbing for me & hunting gainful employment for Dan (that which pays more than $10/hour...Seriously...come on Austin, we have Business Degrees and Dan has 12 years in Manufacturing including Supervising!!!!).


Ok, enough of the rant...back to the website...I set up MyPCMyWay.com originally to be our subscription site...MISTAKE...with the site locked down, most can't see what our site has to offer.  I have done some major moving and will be continuing to work on the sites to create the "Free" site (now MyPCMyWay.com) and the subscription site (now MyPCMyWay.biz--not published yet).

If you visited us, Thank you...if you are here for the first time...look around...say awhile...sign our guestbook and leave suggestions about what you need in the way of computer support information.  We will be improving the site(s) as we can while we strive to support our family.


Thanks for visiting,



11:22 pm est

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