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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Website still here

Well, it's the first of the year, and we are still here...I haven't been able to post regularly to this portion of our site as I try to update the "free" site as well.  I would love to commit to 8 hours daily for both the free site and this members site; but, I also have had to return to substitute teaching to pay bills.  We applied for financing in August to get the site up and running.  We didn't get our financing because the Angel Network doesn't do "service" based companies.  We still believe that with around a 3% market share Linux is growing strong and is a serious option to the operating system with 97% market share.  We have a mixed network of computers in our home.  We have Windows XP®, Windows Vista® (Basic & Premium), Windows 7 RC®, and Linux (OpenSuse 11.2 & Kubuntu 9.10). 

We are trying to move our systems to Linux exclusively; but, it is hard to go to a stable OS when the Software Manufacturers generally write software/drivers to be compatible with Windows® Platforms only.  By doing this, they take freedom from me and you about how we use our computers.  I have been using the Windows 7 RC® since last August.  I built a small home server: 8 GB ram, AMD Phenom processor, NVidia Graphics onboard, 1 TB HD + 320 GB HD, dual boot with OpenSuse 11.2 and Windows 7 RC®.  While I like the look of the Win® side, it's functionality for me is about a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.  This is because it often crashes due to my NVidia graphics--I have downloaded the patch and it still doesn't recognize it and I often return to a system that has automatically re-booted and I have a flag stating I have an issue that needs resolving.  When I download a driver and the OS still crashes, I am not very happy.  Yes, I know this is the RC version, but, it should perform better than this.  The look of the OS is cool, but my Linux looks 80% as good and operates 90% better...no crashes due to drivers! 

Why don't I just use my Linux side you ask?  Because I am coerced into using the other side as the software that I use was only written for that particular platform.  For example, I have recently downloaded WindowBlinds® by Stardock.  This is an awsome program that allows me to "skin" my desktop interface (I can make it look really pretty!)...this not only allows me cool wallpapers, but it skins the taskbar and the start menus and other aspects of my system.  I can use the wallpapers on my Linux side, but the other elements are more difficult (at least for me) to change...it would be GREAT if Stardock wrote this software to be compatible with Linux too!  Ok, other reasons why my household isn't strictly a Linux platform supporter--Games and Graphics!  These are too really big categories for us.  My kids play WOW© (this is Linux friendly--we will be trying this out later this year) and other games that are ONLY Windows® friendly!  Again, my freedom to use Linux is being impeded! 

I am not a Windows® hater and not a Linux Nut either...I believe in FREEDOM of CHOICE!  If software makers and hardware manufacturers supported ALL platforms (Windows®, Apple® AND Linux), then the customer could make their choices based on which served THEIR needs! While only certain platforms are supported, users needs are not adequately met.  This is why MyPCMyWay was born...we are trying to change the options given to consumers to allow for "True" freedom of choice about what software they use.  Software should stand separate from hardware.

I will try to update the site more often, but I do have to provide financially for my kids as well.  If you would like to join MyPCMyWay in changing YOUR computing choices, we would invite you to support our mission by supporting us financially.  You can do this by joining MyPCMyWay or by e-mailing us about becoming a partner with MyPCMyWay.

Thanks for stopping by to read our blog...we will be making some changes to the Member Site as well as the Free Site shortly...We look forward to building a serious support website.




Dan & Lita 


4:06 pm est

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